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Las Patronas unveils ‘Meet Me in Marrakesh’ decor for 2024 Jewel Ball

La Jolla Light – April 2024

‘Meet Me in Marrakesh’: 78th Jewel Ball raises funds, spirits

La – April 2024

Las Patronas gives out over $405,000 at beneficiary lunch

La Jolla Light – January 2024

La Jolla’s Las Patronas is a family matter for mother-daughter and sister members

La Jolla Light – December 2023

Las Patronas’ 2023 Jewel Ball raised over $756,000 for area nonprofits

La Jolla Light – October 2023

Las Patronas presents its 77th annual Jewel Ball

Ranch and Coast - August 2023

Daisies, Disco, and philanthropy as Las Patronas has its 77th Jewel Ball in La Jolla

La Jolla Light – August 2023

Feeding San Diego will expand rural food access, thanks to new grant

San Diego Union-Tribune – February 2023

Las Patronas distributes $367,000 to seven San Diego-area nonprofits

La Jolla Light – January 2023

Las Patronas Provides Grant Funding for San Diego Organizations and Legacy Society Grant Recipient at Annual Beneficiary Luncheon

Las Patronas Press Release – January 2023

Las Patronas Raises $853,468.18 in Funding for Nonprofit Beneficiaries and Looks Forward to a Strong 2023 with Six New Members

Las Patronas Press Release – October 2022

Las Patronas 76th Annual Jewel Ball: The South Seas

Las Patronas Press Release – August 2022

Las Patronas celebrates surpassing $853,000 in 2022 fundraising

La Jolla Light– October 2022

76th Annual Jewel Ball

Discover Magazines – August 2022


Las Patronas’ 76th Jewel Ball brings island spice to La Jolla

La Jolla Light – August 2022

Las Patronas previews ‘South Seas’ decor for upcoming Jewel Ball

La Jolla Light – May 2022

Las Patronas welcomes new members and celebrates 2021 Jewel Ball while eyeing next year's gala

La Jolla Light – October 2021

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